What You Need to Know Regarding Breeding

Many dog owners would opt to breed their dogs so that they can get puppies. Although dog breeding can be a source of income, it should not be something that is abused. Dogs should only be bred during the right time. Below are a few tips that can help you successfully breed your pet.

Genetic background

It’s very important that you check the dog’s bloodline to make sure that they are from good ancestry. For most pure breeds, you can get the records of their bloodline from registering authorities or the AKC. For mixed breeds, check the Dam and Stud who birthed the dog. Genetic background is important to know any health problems that could arise, especially genetic problems like DM in dogs, heart problems, and other illnesses that are common to specific breeds.

Physical characteristics

When picking out a pair of dogs to breed, you have to be very keen on the dog’s physical characteristics. This will provide you a hint of what the dog will look like, including its size and color. It can also help you stay away from breeding dogs that have undesirable qualities or deformities that could be passed down to their pups.


As much as possible, interbreed dogs that have a good temperament. Choose the ones that are friendly and calm around other people. This is especially very important to dog breeds that are known t for being aggressive, such as Rottweilers and Dobermans.

Know the dog’s cycle

You have to be familiar with when the dog begins to come in heat. Different breeds have different cycles, so it’s best to ask a veterinarian or a breeder about when it’s the best time to breed the dogs.

Healthy parents

Before breeding, make sure that both the dogs are healthy, especially the Dam. Update the vaccinations, check for any infections or parasites and if you can, take her to the veterinarian for a full checkup. The health of the Dam is a very big factor when it comes to delivering healthy puppies. A checkup can also help you assure that the dog is not sick with illnesses like DM in dogs, arthritis, and hip dysplasia, which could make delivery a challenge.

Prepare the pup’s whelping box

A whelping box is an area where the mother and the new born pups stay. Puppies are born blind and will need to be placed near their mother at all times. This will also make it easier for you to feed the mother as she nurses her pups.

When you breed your dogs on the beaches, it is crucial that you remain alerted and keep your pet close to you at all times. Even if your dog is familiar with swimming alone in the waters, a sudden wave or rip can easily take them to the open sea. Watch out for regional wildlife getting near your dog as well. You may not want your curious pup to meet their first jellyfish or crab while you are at the other end of the beach and too far away to help when he’s in the problem. If the beach is filled with adults, children, and their beloved pets, keep your dog leashed for the solace and safety of others, and always be ready to clean up after your dog.