Natural Remedies for Dogs with Intestinal Worms

It’s very unfortunate that you cannot stop your dogs from getting worms in their intestines. But, of course, some remedies can help your dog red rid of them. These worms mostly come to your dog’s intestine when they go outside, like in the backyard, neighborhood or park. Getting affected by these worms is easy, but getting them out becomes a tough job.

A dog cannot just become infected by eating the worm’s eggs directly but only by swallowing a flea that has the eggs. The usually happens when a flea larva eats the tapeworm eggs. Later the flea matures and lives on the dog. When the dog bites at an itchy spot on his coat, he/she swallows the flea. The tapeworm eggs can hatch and head straight for the intestines where they then attach themselves and start to feed. After a time, they mature, and the tail segments begin to break off. The dog passes These, and the cycle begins a new.

Fortunately, there are numerous natural remedies that you can use to treat your dogs with for eliminating these worms. These natural remedies can be very effective if you want to avoid the chemical and artificial components.

Here are some of the most effective and common herbal and natural remedies that you may try to keep your dog away from the parasites.


Wormwood is a great herbal remedy that can help you eliminate the parasites. It is something that people have been using for centuries to remove the roundworms, tapeworms, and threadworms. The only problem about this wormwood is that it includes a volatile oil and tannins that can prove harmful to your pet. Hence, you have to be very careful while using this on your pet.

Overuse of this herb can also cause damage the nervous system, so it is better that you use it only when you have an urgency to remove the parasites. Maintaining the balance is very necessary to keep your dog in good health.


Chop the carrots nicely and mix it with your dog’s food because this works as a great de-worming remedy. The chunks of carrots that you add won’t get digested and thus, there are no chances of changes in the PH balance or nutrition of your dog’s food habit.

However, these carrot chunks contain mucus which makes sure that parasites are ripped off from the walls of your dog’s intestine.


Garlic is another herbal component that has several health benefits. Most people involved in a debate about the various benefits of garlic for pet’s intestine. If not a whole garlic, you can give your dog a small piece of it; this can also help him get rid of the worms. Grate some amount of garlic and mix it with a funnel, this is a great remedy that can not only save your dog from the worms but also boosts his immune system.

These are some of the most commonly used herbs that can help you eliminate the worm’s from your pet’s intestine. Apart from these, various medicines are available in the markets that are manufactured entirely from natural components. These are well processed, effective and easy to use. People who do not get enough time to invest behind their pets can go for these natural remedies for dogs with worms.