Dog Health

When you get a dog, whether as a puppy or an adult, this animal becomes your responsibility. Most domestic dogs are unable to survive without the assistance of humans, and in addition to food and attention, the dog’s health will be one of the most important aspects of dog ownership.

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from illnesses that can damage their nervous system such as epilepsy and DM in dogs. This could be caused either by an infection in their nervous system, trauma to the head or even hereditary reasons. Dealing with a dog that has problems with their nervous system is a bit of a challenge, but it can be done. Her are a few tips to help you, and your pet lives a normal life even with an illness.

Support them

Most dogs that have illnesses affecting their neuroses system would have problems moving, walking, standing up or are even paralyzed because of their illness. Help them by supporting them if they are still able to walk. There are hundreds of tools like boots and even wheelchairs for dogs that can help them move around even if they have mobility problems.


Boost up their nutrition by giving them extra food supplements and vitamin. It’s easy to purchase these supplements since most vet clinics, and even pet supply shops carry these. Most supplements come in pills or capsules like the ones that we also take in, but if your dog has a problem taking this down, then it may be best to mix it with their food. It’s not advisable to give your dog food supplements that are made for humans, but some breeders advise dog owners to give them half the amount we would take to keep them healthy and provide extra nutrition.


It’s important that you change their diet into something that can help their recovery. Talk to the vet and ask about specific diets or dog food brands that you can try for your dog. It’s important that they get a good amount of vitamin B and C since this help minimizes more damage to the nervous system and even help improve its current situation.


Once the dog gets diagnosed with an illness, you have to make sure that they maintain their medication to cure their illness or to stop it from getting worst. Some illnesses, like DM in dogs, that still don’t have a cure, but there are ways to minimize the symptoms.

The puppy you buy should have been wormed and received its first vaccinations. Observe the puppies at the kennel – the one you want will be sturdy in physical appearance and active. A hyperactive puppy will likely be a hyperactive dog and a puppy that hides rather than coming out to meet you is also exhibiting abnormal behavior. The mental health of the puppy is every bit as important as the physical, so a pup that comes out to greet you without being frantic about it is exhibiting normal, healthy puppy behavior.

Doctor’s appointment

Lastly, always take them to the vet. You might want to have a month schedule set up with your dog’s vet so that you can just go there during that day and have your pet checked. It’s a good idea to check on your dog’s progress and know if it’s getting well or not.